Customized Birthday Celebration Popcorn Bundt Cake by Popped Passion

Be original and creative with your birthday cake this year.

The Popped Passion Birthday Popcorn Bundt Cake is made with 12 ounces of popcorn and white marshmallow base and tossed with your choice of 4 pop-ins and 1 drizzle on top. Cuts like a cake but chews like a Rice Krispie treat and pretty enough to be a centerpiece. It’s a delicious way to say Happy Birthday to that special person who loves popcorn or is just tired of the same old party cake. 10 inch round cake in a bundt shape.  

Ingredient Info: Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes contain dairy. 

All Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes are made fresh daily and ship in 1-2 business days.