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Well, it’s happened again.  My oldest daughter has left the nest, off to her second year of University.  It’s only been a week since I held my breath as I squeezed my baby girl tight, told her to be smart, work hard and have fun, then drove away so she could continue on …carving her own path.  (and so she couldn’t see the tears in my eyes)  Good grief.   It’s weird, right?  We spend our lives preparing them for the real world, but good Lord it’s hard to let them go.  So how is a Mama to deal?  I mean, isn’t this parenting gig supposed to get easier?  I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, re-read a couple of books, and consumed more than my share of chips and dip.  Gulp.  It’s time to do something a wee bit more productive.  Enter the University Care Package.  I didn’t invent it, I just get to busy myself by creating the perfect one for my girl.  The bonus;  it keeps me busy and she gets the experience of a wee surprise in the mail.  Everyone loves mail!

Here are 10 ideas to help you create the perfect University/College Care Package:

**Now you could decide to go with a theme – like a box to help them study, a box for when they are feeling blue, or even a package to escape the stress.  I decided to simply go with 10 things I know my teen will love.

  • A Gift Card!  One to her favourite coffee shop, pizza place, grocery store or frozen yogurt store on campus.
  • travel mug stuffed with tea or hot chocolate packages.   After all, Winter is coming!
  • Items to stock or re-stock that First Aid Kit; Advil, Band-aids, Multi-vitamins and a good old fashioned bottle of Vitamin C.
  • Tupperware stuffed with homemade chocolate chip cookies and mix to make mug cakes!
  • A few favourite treats – popcorn, protein bars/granola bars and candy – lots and lots of candy.
  • New Socks – because even off at school those damn things go missing.  While you’re at it throw in some extra Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics too.  They must end up in the same place as the missing socks.
  • Instant Meals – Single serve Mac & Cheese, Oatmeal, and of course Ramen Noodles.
  • Pretty stationary and pencils to help keep her motivated.  Who doesn’t love new paper and pens?
  • Toiletries – all things bathroom – because those things are expensive and will be very much appreciated.
  • Hershey’s Kisses – you know for the chocolate and the love.

Tie it all together with a little note and a curly ribbon and your mission is complete.  I already feel better knowing this simple care package, stuffed full of love, is on its way to my girl.  I know when it arrives she will shake her head, give a little sideways grin and maybe, just maybe give her parents a call.  Truth be told this gift is as much for me as it is for her.  Sigh.  How many days until the Thanksgiving Break?

Side note to all the Mamas out there and a reminder to myself.  The fact that your babe is strong enough, brave enough and excited enough to leave the nest means you must be doing something right.   Oh, and remember, even if your kiddo doesn’t say it all the time, she misses you too.

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